Shaving Basics: Long Lasting Razors

Would you like to keep your razor sharp for a week or more?

Here’s a trick to help:

Run the razor under warm water for about 10 seconds.

Step 1: Using a finger nail, scratch across the razor blade several times.  I prefer using my thumb nail.  You won’t get cut as long as just your nail runs across the blade.

This helps loosen any skin or hair attached to the razor.

Step 2: Run your finger with the blade.  That is, wipe across the blades opposite the direction you shave.  Again this won’t cut you as long as you move straight.

This is similar to a technique called stropping.  It removes metal burs and hair stuck to the blade itself.

Step 3: Start by shaving in short strokes.  Removing small amounts of hair reduces razor burn and gives your skin a chance to recover before continuing.


Optional: I prefer shaving in the shower (or bath.)  The water helps keep everything clean so my razor isn’t holding all that skin and hair.

REMEMBER to get your face warm before shaving.  A warm towel, a couple of splashes of warm water or after a bath/shower are best.  The warmth softens the hair and reduces razor burn.


Killing Racism

Are you fighting racism?  Racism is an idea – it holds no physical form to attack.

So how do you kill an idea?  You remove it from the hearts and minds of society by replacing it with something better.

This is true of any idea – including mindsets. People won’t stop because you call something bad. People will stop because you give them something better.

If I want to replace peppercorns, going around advertising peppercorns with the words, “they’re bad” won’t stop the sale of peppercorns. It’ll probably sell more peppercorns. Instead put up a picture of chili peppers and associate them with salt, effectively replacing the peppercorn in the minds of customers.

First step: stop using race as a means of identification. Don’t be a Black or African American. Just be American. When race is the first word people hear, they immediately get defensive. You’ve announced a racial distinction between you and them. Then you expect race to not be an issue.

If I say “don’t think about elephants.” What’s the first thing you think about? If I say “don’t be racist.” Am I reducing thoughts of racism?

Okay, so what can replace racism?

Racism is based on irrational hate. So replace the irrational or replace the hate and racism will die.

But if you must look to someone to blame for your troubles, look to black leaders. They hold far more influence over the black community than any white person could dream to attain. They are the ones diverting your attention and pushing blame onto others while black communities and black families fall apart. They want that because it keeps them in power.

Just a white man’s thoughts.


The Blessings of a Woman

Becca continues to surprise me.

With all the pain she suffered, she still did what she could.  She worked herself to breaking before any gathering.

Now the physical pain is (mostly) gone.  She can stand straight and tall.  Her weight is almost half of her peak.  She still works herself hard, cleaning, cooking, managing James.  And she has a paying job every Friday.  It’s not huge, but it is a job and she does get money from it.

Now that her medical has been addressed I stepped up to the plate.

With all she’s overcome, she now has to deal with her husband turning into a woman – or at least making a real effort at it.

And still she’s loving and caring.


Consider a theoretical region of space becomes so sparse that nothing, no energy, no force exists within it.  As I understand it particles would be created spontaneously then collide back into nothing.  With sufficient density of spontaneous creation, is it possible the universe we see could be created near the form we see today?

The universe isn’t being pushed out by dark energy.  When the big bang occurred only 1 in 10o,000,000 particles survived.  What if some of those particles exists as a multi-dimensional shock wave expanding our universe in higher dimensions.  They could be producing enough gravity to pull the universe apart rather than pushing from the inside.


Random Thoughts

“Star Gate”

Superconducting torroid that creates a vortex.
Free ions in the air are directed to the center where they collide and form a sub atomic black hole
The magnetic field distorts and expands the event horizon into a flat disk

Experiment 1:
2 torroid space station
Gate is in the center

Multiple layers of overlapping magnets create a strong monopole

Grow Crystal Computers
A solution is formed and maintained in hot liquid. This a thin layer of solution slowly runs across a cold plate which encourages nucleation on the plate – crystal formation

As the crystals build on the plate, it is lowered
Run off is recycled back into the hot liquid main storage

As the crystal grows introduce impurities to reflect light – much like sub-micron silicone chips do today.

Use chemical vapor deposition method to mark boundaries between conductive channels
This forms channels which can be combined in various ways with other channels to form gates.

If an air pocket can be created, refraciton can be used to seperate incoming light. The result can be an analysis of the light or a way to create multi-spectrum concurrent processing where each color becomes an independent processor within the same hardware.
* Light is introduced from the bottom, energizing the crystal

* Processing happens at the speed of light (through a solid) with a processing frequency of the light (440,000-770,000 GHz)
* Imagine a computer running 32,000 concurrent processes each at a different frequency
* ranging from 440,000 GHz to 700,000 GHz on a single crystal chip and powered by a 100 watt light bulb.

Sand and Wind

My home sits in a desert surrounded by sand and wind.

My yard is clean and innocent.
In my youth the wind is light.
The sand only shows that I am different.
Still it does not bother me.

But the wind blows and sand moves.

My yard is clean and the grass grows tall.
The sand starts to encroach.
In my puberty I discover people reject the sand.
To have sand in your yard is forbidden, sinful.
I erect an imaginary wall blocking the wind and the sand.

Still the wind blows and the sand moves.

My yard is clean and well groomed.
In my confusion I join the military.
I learn to build a wall of stone.
It was good.
It was strong.

Now the wind blow harder and the sand moves faster.

My yard is clean, my home filled with pride and accomplishment.
I become a professional with a steady income.
I have toys to keep my mind occupied.

Meanwhile sand accumulates and my wall is buried.
I fight back the sand to no avail.
Giving in, I let the sand come.
I start to see positive change.
Why is the sand not allowed?

Opportunity knocks on my front door.
Fear grips me.
I will be hurt for certain!
I hastily shove the sand away with a new wall, new determination.

But the wind blows and the sand moves.

My yard is clean.
I am free inside my walls.
Life is easier.

Again my defenses are overrun.
Again I give in.  Again I start to see change.

Love finds me.
My heart’s fire builds tall glass walls.
A family is created.
My walls are reinforced.

The wind blows and the sand moves.

Slowly the glass chips and cracks.
I use all my tools to keep it intact.
Over and over I melt the sand and seal the cracks.

But the wind blows and the sand moves.

Finally my walls break.
I cannot hold back the sand and the wind.
For a moment I embrace life.

My family bows and demands reparations.
Rebuild the wall or lose the house.
I walk on glass to stop the sand.
For a time I am successful.

The wind blows and the sand moves.

My feet are cut.
My tools broken.
My walls have crumbled.
My resistance shattered.

I stand in the wind feeling warm, free.
My expression changes.
I realize the truth.

I am the sand.
God speaks with the wind.

What of my family?
I do not yet know.