Illegal Immigration

Keep the illegals streaming across the border!

Here’s a few things to consider:
1. Where do we put a rapidly growing city worth of people?
2. How do we manage their healthcare needs when ours is in chaos trying to interpret ACA?
3. How do we educate them when our education system is having problems from No Child Left Behind and Common Core?
5. How many immigrants are carrying diseases? Are we ready to inoculate a good portion of the US population from TB or Rubella or any of a hundred illnesses that we’ve previously wiped out?

Remember we’re debating feeding, clothing, housing, educating, policing and medicating a city that suddenly appeared on our doorstep. Our country is up to debt over our children’s children’s heads and we need compassion for citizens of other countries who enter our country illegally?  Where does it stop?

Something to think about.

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