Old Friends


Meeting an old friend can be a fun and exciting thing – or it can be rather uncomfortable.  Sometimes you can find yourself excited and yet uncomfortable at the same time.  It’s something of a paradox.

Yesterday I was cleaning out my emails and found a linked-in request from an old and dear friend.  My first emotions were scattered.  We started as close friends in high school – misfits that work and play well together.  For a time after high school we lived together.  Years later we moved into a relationship (briefly) but we parted on unfortunate terms.  I made the mistake of holding on to a long distance relationship and did little more than string her along.  It wasn’t one of my proud eras of life.  But I couldn’t just let this invite go.  She was a life-long friend, a confidant, a trusted ally.  In the spirit of a true friend, she knew all about me yet she liked me anyway.  And here she was, after all these years, extending a welcoming hand out to me again.

Uncomfortable… but how long did I hesitate?  Ever heard of a picosecond?  It was about half one of those.

I was rewarded with an open conversation.  Right now we’re catching up on the intervening years, but I’m hoping we can keep this conversation going.  In uncertain times we can use each other as a sounding board.  In frustrating times, a vent.

I look forward to cultivating and keeping this friend a true friend.

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