Death of a nation

Our government has decided to cut spending.  So they take the biggest offender – science – with it’s 0.39% of the annual budget and cut it again and again.

That’s right.  These people gave us microwaves, velcro, MRIs, and a host of other ground-breaking, life changing items.  For the past 20 years they’re being told they don’t have anything more to contribute to America.

Ever hear of brain-drain?  It happened to large parts of Europe (most notably Germany) starting back in the late 1940’s.  A majority of smart people (primarily doctors and scientists) left Europe and joined America as the new center for discovery.  Those countries suffered for the loss and America bloomed for decades.  Now it’s the reverse.

SSC – The Superconducting Super Collider program was cancelled by Clinton in the early ’90’s.  This project broke records for development and was nearing completion when Clinton stopped it dead.  (My father was the #2 man on the middle ring.  When SSC shut down, his towering intellect moved into the medical field.  In that, physics lost a great mind.)

Fermilab – The origins of big science is slowing going away.  Since SSC closed down,  Fermilab is the only big science left in America.

Radio Telescopes – we are shutting down the largest, most important radio telescope array in the world so we can focus on new projects that have nothing to do with radio astronomy.

America is doomed.  The dollar is becoming worthless.

We’re blaming other people’s success for our failure.

We’re restricting innovation down to barely a trickle.

We’ve killed space.

We’ve killed science.

Our spending has increased to insane levels with ever fewer things to show for it.  (Who cares if Bush or Obama or Clinton or even Reagan did it, it’s being done and it isn’t stopping.)

All it will take is for the dollar to be dethroned as the international currency of choice (the “gold standard”) and we will collapse.

Damocles’ sword is held by a thread and our government has put a magnifying glass in front of the thread so we can watch it burn slowly.

Without innovative and entrepreneurial spirit we are a snake eating its tail.  Eventually there won’t be anything left to eat, just a mouth.

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