Further Study on ACA

Why ACA is good:

  • I’ve got nothing

Why ACA is bad:

  • Government is finicky, changing positions every few years.  We should want our healthcare stable.

Comparison of Healthcare Systems:

  • France:
    • Declared best healthcare in 2000
    • Reimburses about 70% of medical bills
    • Pays up to 100% of critical care bills (e.g. for cancer patients)
    • Most citizens have supplemental insurance
    • Cost: $3,300 / person
    • Longer maternity leave
  • Canada:
    • Funded by income and sales taxes
    • Average wait time to see your primary care physician (PCP):  19 weeks
  • Germany:
    • No denial for pre-existing conditions on over 200 plans
    • Introduced successful disease management programs
    • Low wait times for doctors and tests
    • 8% tax for sickness fund
    • Severely underfunded
    • Doctors are underpaid

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