Hard, hard day

Dear Lord,

Forgive me.  Today I took our puppy of 6 months to the pound.

Cookie can be the sweetest cuddle-bug when she’s tired and a flying brick when she’s active.  We all love her, but that wasn’t enough.  Her stubborn nature combined with a voracious appetite and chewing nature was literally dismantling our house – our brand-new-home.  We can’t train her and can’t afford to learn how.  Worse, Internet sites are either incomplete – just pay $$ to get the rest, or their advice just doesn’t work.

So in a fit of “I’ve had it” statements I stole her and gave her away.

No good-byes.  I do regret no letting Becca or James say good-bye… but I had to act then-and-there or it wouldn’t happen and we would all continue to suffer.

No good-byes.  Just lots of tears.

We miss you, Cookie.

I miss you.

I love you, “dog.”

Great… more tears.

Did I do the right thing?  Really?

Then why do I feel so bad?  I want her back.

Forgive me.

It’s too late and, while loved, she was not a good fit for this family.  I sincerely hope her next family gives her all the love and play she needs.

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