Reason for a greater self

I have to say I didn’t start religious. It just evolved.

The 3 Concepts that put me on “the Road to Salvation”

The first concept to consider is String theory which suggests there are 11 dimensions.  There are the 4 we experience moment to moment.  Einstein called it space-time.  We don’t know where 6 of them are, but we have theories.  Finally there’s 1 parallel dimension.

The second concept to consider is that any possibility, no matter how improbable, given enough opportunity, will come true. Roll 50 dice and it’s not probable you will roll all 1’s. But roll them enough and eventually you will.

The third concept to consider is occupation.  If we occupy 4 dimensions (space-time), why not 5 or 6 or even all 11?  We don’t readily perceive this extra self so we discount it’s existence.

Yet this gives rise to the possibility that our existence extends beyond simple space-time and allows for other incarnations to grow and/or attach to our space-time body. One example could be called “spirit”. Another could be information – knowledge, creativity, etc. Since each alternate dimension has different physical properties, they are theoretically possible. That doesn’t make them probable except for the bulk of unexplained phenomenon and beliefs that this simple concept could start explain.

Now take that a step further.

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