Random Thoughts

“Star Gate”

Superconducting torroid that creates a vortex.
Free ions in the air are directed to the center where they collide and form a sub atomic black hole
The magnetic field distorts and expands the event horizon into a flat disk

Experiment 1:
2 torroid space station
Gate is in the center

Multiple layers of overlapping magnets create a strong monopole

Grow Crystal Computers
A solution is formed and maintained in hot liquid. This a thin layer of solution slowly runs across a cold plate which encourages nucleation on the plate – crystal formation

As the crystals build on the plate, it is lowered
Run off is recycled back into the hot liquid main storage

As the crystal grows introduce impurities to reflect light – much like sub-micron silicone chips do today.

Use chemical vapor deposition method to mark boundaries between conductive channels
This forms channels which can be combined in various ways with other channels to form gates.

If an air pocket can be created, refraciton can be used to seperate incoming light. The result can be an analysis of the light or a way to create multi-spectrum concurrent processing where each color becomes an independent processor within the same hardware.
* Light is introduced from the bottom, energizing the crystal

* Processing happens at the speed of light (through a solid) with a processing frequency of the light (440,000-770,000 GHz)
* Imagine a computer running 32,000 concurrent processes each at a different frequency
* ranging from 440,000 GHz to 700,000 GHz on a single crystal chip and powered by a 100 watt light bulb.

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