Killing Racism

Are you fighting racism?  Racism is an idea – it holds no physical form to attack.

So how do you kill an idea?  You remove it from the hearts and minds of society by replacing it with something better.

This is true of any idea – including mindsets. People won’t stop because you call something bad. People will stop because you give them something better.

If I want to replace peppercorns, going around advertising peppercorns with the words, “they’re bad” won’t stop the sale of peppercorns. It’ll probably sell more peppercorns. Instead put up a picture of chili peppers and associate them with salt, effectively replacing the peppercorn in the minds of customers.

First step: stop using race as a means of identification. Don’t be a Black or African American. Just be American. When race is the first word people hear, they immediately get defensive. You’ve announced a racial distinction between you and them. Then you expect race to not be an issue.

If I say “don’t think about elephants.” What’s the first thing you think about? If I say “don’t be racist.” Am I reducing thoughts of racism?

Okay, so what can replace racism?

Racism is based on irrational hate. So replace the irrational or replace the hate and racism will die.

But if you must look to someone to blame for your troubles, look to black leaders. They hold far more influence over the black community than any white person could dream to attain. They are the ones diverting your attention and pushing blame onto others while black communities and black families fall apart. They want that because it keeps them in power.

Just a white man’s thoughts.


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