Shaving Basics: Long Lasting Razors

Would you like to keep your razor sharp for a week or more?

Here’s a trick to help:

Run the razor under warm water for about 10 seconds.

Step 1: Using a finger nail, scratch across the razor blade several times.  I prefer using my thumb nail.  You won’t get cut as long as just your nail runs across the blade.

This helps loosen any skin or hair attached to the razor.

Step 2: Run your finger with the blade.  That is, wipe across the blades opposite the direction you shave.  Again this won’t cut you as long as you move straight.

This is similar to a technique called stropping.  It removes metal burs and hair stuck to the blade itself.

Step 3: Start by shaving in short strokes.  Removing small amounts of hair reduces razor burn and gives your skin a chance to recover before continuing.


Optional: I prefer shaving in the shower (or bath.)  The water helps keep everything clean so my razor isn’t holding all that skin and hair.

REMEMBER to get your face warm before shaving.  A warm towel, a couple of splashes of warm water or after a bath/shower are best.  The warmth softens the hair and reduces razor burn.


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