Today 05/25/2017

Did justice prevail?

It’s official.  I’m a villain.  I’m the bad guy and need to be stopped.  I mean I was out of the house and not bugging Rebecca when she served me with a restraining order.  I must have done something truly horrible.

Oh, yeah.  I’m transgender.  Her faith dictates that I am a leper and must be excluded.

Rebecca played dirtier than me today.  The result was she got what she wanted.  I sincerely hope it works for her.  I will grant you I did get more right to see James, but it’s still conditional on Rebecca’s agreement.  I can’t imagine the loss she must face.  No more cooking or cleaning or foot rubs or back rubs.  No more help in the back yard.  No more support and love.  No more games.  No more laughs.

No more best friend.

I’ve learned things from my friends that could help her in so many ways.  But lepers are not allowed to mingle with royalty.  We are too dirty.

Oh, well.  We all lose.  I lose a wife, a life style, and much access to my son.  James loses access to his best friend and father.  Who wins?  All in the name of …


I can’t stop listening to Red: Of These Chains.


P.S. I make it a point to never have enemies.  I don’t want to waste my time and energy on people that don’t deserve my attention.  I don’t know what to make of Rebecca.  She rose to the status of nemesis yet I still love her.  12 years of dedication doesn’t end overnight.




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