In times of grief the first thing we turn to are our memories.  We look back and remember a time of happiness, of friends and family, of inclusion.  And then we look at what we have now and lament the losses.

I happened upon old photos on Facebook this morning.  So many people are gone.  So many good memories lost to time, with only a few snapshots of the events.

I remember living in Huntington Beach, CA.  The temperature was never above 85, never below 50.  Rebecca and I took daily walks with the dog. (Peanut?)  My weight was the lowest in the 10 years before and since.  Life had challenges but life was good.

I remember driving with James and Rebecca up to Lake Tahoe.  We took the 395 – the back road, up through Nevada.  We stopped at an inn and ate a wonderful breakfast just South of Carson City.

I remember the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  What an amazing place!  And the massive viewing room with a seamless 40-foot long, 15 foot tall glass window looking into an enormous aquarium.
I remember staying at that World Mark room.  It was a small townhouse right on the bay.

I remember when James was born.  I remember watching them weigh him, do all the usual newborn tests.  Then holding him.  This precious tiny thing was a piece of me.

I have to say, James has always been a really good kid.  I really wish I could be there now just so he had 1 less stress in his life.



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